Updated for 2008 – STS Templates – the original and best eBook on STS

By | March 28, 2008

I have just updated the original and best STS Template tutorial eBook over at oscbooks – have a read about it, and if you like what you see, please buy it from this page, not oscbooks. If you do buy it, I still have a special “BOGOF” promotion – Buy One Get One Free…


Here’s a special buy link – the first 5 buyers will get this eBook and the associated files for just £10…sorry, offer now finished, the price is £14.99.


Here’s some comments I’ve received about this eBook;

I have just purchased your new book “osCOMM STS”. WOW !! .. you have done it again another great easy to follow manual. Whilst waiting for my printer to finish printing a hard copy .. I started to read the book on screen and already I am confident that I will be able to create a fantastic oscommerce cart.


I run a site on oscommerce and have no experience with .php. I bought and have used the new ebook from AIS (Gary) at oscbooks.com. Very well written, easy to follow and in the space of a few days I have learned a great deal. A really good product and a great guy to deal with.

osc-sts-new-thumb.gifSo, there you go – the all new, updated for 2008, STS Tutorial eBook – for a price that is kind to your pocket.

And don’t forget the “Buy One Get One Free” offer.

Just choose the other eBook you would like once you’ve purchased the STS Tutorial and I’ll send your chosen eBook free of charge!

Create this Store;


and take the techniques you’ve learned and apply them to ANY html template!

2 thoughts on “Updated for 2008 – STS Templates – the original and best eBook on STS

  1. Kerry Watson

    Just to set the record straight, I am the author of the first original ebook *and* paperback on osCommerce, with a copyright date of 2002.

    That being said, Gary is an excellent author and covers specific osCommerce topics with ease.

    The more popular a program is, the more books are available to satisfy the many different types of readers. My books are for newbies, and Gary’s books are for folks who want to get in-depth into a specific topic. If he wants to say his are the best, well, I guess that is his right, but it is not correct to say the original.


  2. Gary Post author

    You and I will disagree about who wrote the first book, but that hardly matters as they are like chalk and cheese – yours give a broad overview, mine go in-depth to a certain subject. Both serve their purpose very well 🙂

    The “original and best” refers to the “STS Tutorial” as per the title of this blog post. It’s not even *my* original eBook, so I wouldn’t/couldn’t claim it’s *the* original “osc” ebook – I had at least 3 before this one – hope this makes a bit more sense now? I confuse myself sometimes…

    It certainly is the original and best STS eBook! 😀

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