VAT Relief for osCommerce

By | November 15, 2017

In the UK there is a system of VAT Relief which is applicable to disabled shoppers. It’s called “VAT Relief” and you can read more about it here.

In a nutshell, shopowners who sell products that can be used by disabled people, can allow the shopper to certify that they are eligible for VAT Relief. Any product that is then applicable will not have VAT charged on it. This means a 20% saving on eligible products for eligible shoppers!

I was approached by a shopowner who wanted to somehow automate this system, and so a new project was born…


In the admin area, a way to set products as “eligible for vat relief”

In the product_info page, a message to show that VAT Relief is available.

In the shopping_cart page a way for shoppers to certify that they are disabled.

Notice that after self certification…the total is rendered without VAT

But only on those products deemed eligible by the shopowner!

Once in the checkout procedure, the software acts as normal showing the different Tax Rates as applicable.

And in the account history, the same shows.

And then at the very end, the shopowner can also print off the self certification details to present to the relevant authorities when needed.

All in all, quite a complicated project making use of modules, hooks and a small amount of hardcoding. Although the project was complicated, I made it as hands off as possible both in installation of the code and in using the system.

Do you need something similar for your shop?

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