Version Checker in osCommerce 2.3 (aka rc3)

By | September 22, 2010

Not quite sure why this feature made it into the osCommerce 2.3, as I thought that 2.3 was to be the last in the 2.x series of osCommerce. With 3 being impossible to upgrade to, and 2.2rc2a with contributions being hard to upgrade to 2.3, it seems a redundant feature. But it’s worth explaining;

In your admin summary page, you’ll see a box like this:

If you click it, your version will be checked to show you whether you have the latest osCommerce installed. If you have the latest version it’ll look like this;

And if you do not have the latest, it’ll look a bit like this;

How does it work?

A file in your osCommerce install gives the version of osCommerce that you are running – /includes/version.php – when you press the link to check, a signal is sent to the osCommerce site, which compares your version against the version stored at osCommerce. If the version you have is older than the version osCommerce has, then a message is given, and equally a different message if the versions match.

It’s a fairly simplistic approach for Site Owners to check what they have, but it appears impossible to actually act on that information (as I explained above, the system is a bit redundant). Hmmmm.

So, how to remove this (apparently!) useless box. Easy!

Go to your admin, click on modules > Admin Dashboard and click on “Version Check” in that list;

And simply click the “- Remove Module” button;

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2 thoughts on “Version Checker in osCommerce 2.3 (aka rc3)

  1. will langford

    I can actually see this being very useful even if 2.3 is the end of life for 2.x series of OSC. It opens the door for security fix notification. 2.x will take a long time to die as it’s so widely used so I would hope when security issues are discovered they do patch for it and use this. Otherwise it would be considered a total waste.

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