vGer stands down

I cannot continue as head of the osQuantum Project but have to stand down and let the rest of the team take over. I am sure they will do a better job than I have been doing since last year.

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  1. It would be pretty hard to do a worse job, no great loss to anyone there I don’t think

    Nothing to see here, move along please…

  2. Writing about Vger and osQuantum is like beating a dead horse. I doubt that anyone takes them seriously anymore.

  3. Vger stood down from the osQuantum project as she was diagnosed with terminal cancer in Spring 2010. She passed away on the 30th April 2012 after long illness.

  4. Jeez, I wondered why we did not see her again.

    I’m busy on OpenCart and always wondered if she would show up on our forums.

    Now I understand why this has never happened…..

    What ever happened in the past; I hope she will rest in peace.

  5. @i2paq, funny to say that since you guys at opencart ban pretty much anyone who answers questions to other members. And don’t say you don’t know about it.

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