Vouchers, Tax and Open Source

My discount contribution is a great success – it’s been downloaded thousands of times and I’ve installed it on at least 20 live shops.  But it has/had a glaring ommission – TAX – and for a good reason…

However, people like to say things such as;

I was just wondering why the tax calculation has been left out again and was upset about it as it seems most coupon/voucher script coders forget about it.

Well, it wasn’t forgotten about – it’s just that us coders who make FREE contributions like to get them out of the door in the hope that someone would take up the challenge and make it work for their particular situation.  After all, if every Open Source coder waited until the product was absolutely perfect, there would be no Open Source, at all, ever.

So, I decided to make it happen.

The Voucher system has been updated and now reflects the proper tax settings within your Live Shop…here’s an example:

In the example, you can see the Total Cart amount is $90, with a coupon amount of 10%, making a deduction of $9.  Leaving $81 to pay.  Florida Tax is 7.0%, so 7.0% of $81 is $5.67.  Shipping costs $5 – so the total to pay is $91.67.

Before the updated codebase, the contribution would have worked like this:

Sub Total: $90.00
Coupon:  -$9.00
Shipping:  $5.00
FL Tax 7.0%: $6.30 (that’s 7.0% of $90, it was disregarding the coupon reduction)
Total (to pay): $92.30

I hope that this is now suitable for all those who wanted Tax Calculations inbuilt but did not have the opportunity to take the code and make it themselves!

Of course, I still have to do some more testing, but I think that it works quite solidly as it is.  Once I have tested it to my satisfaction, I will make it available.  If you want/need it urgently in the meantime, please contact me.

7 Replies to “Vouchers, Tax and Open Source”

  1. As far as I can see, this is ready to go. It’s been tested on RC osCommerce and works great. I am testing on MS osCommerce this morning.

    This modification is available for install only – anyone interested, please email me on oscshops AT gmail DOT com

  2. It is also now tested in MS2 and works great. I tested it using a VAT zone on 17.5% and here is the findings:

    Sub Total: 299.99
    Coupon (10%): -30
    VAT (17.5%): 47.25 (this is 17.5% of 269.99)
    Shipping: 5.00
    Total (to pay): 322.24

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