Web Hosting Upgrade Problems with osCommerce

Ron asks;

I am looking at web hosting co. It seems a lot of them do not have the current versions of: phpmyadmin, oscommerce, mysql. Can this be a problem?? If so what kind of problem??

Most hosting companies should by now have upgraded to PHP5 and MySQL5. If so, you need to use the latest version of osCommerce called “Rc2a”. Older version have problems dealing with the latest version of PHP and SQL.

You should always manually install osCommerce – NEVER use a host provided version as they are usually out of date.

I got your ebook “Designing OsCommerce“, it was fantastic for a newbie. Now if I use any/all of what you have in the book to change my site, and contributions from main oscommerce site. What problems can/does this cause when a host upgrades its versions of the software???

If you use the latest version of osCommerce, you’ve future-proofed yourself as much as possible. Of course, some contributions don’t work on the latest version of osCommerce – but those contributions are usually pretty poorly coded anyway, and should be avoided.

Long story short: use the latest version of osCommerce, keep it patched and updated (when patches and updates come out) and you have done as much as you can to future proof yourself…

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  1. Thanks for the reply.

    What about Phpmyadmin and MySQL, does it hold for them also???

    And if you do install these yourself and then the host updates its software
    how does it affect your installed software???

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