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By | August 23, 2015

Some time ago, I created a Mailchimp Module that allows osCommerce and Mailchimp to work hand in hand, with some very nice features (eg, ajaxy sign up for both registered customers and non-customers). As this module is a superior approach to all the other available osc<>mailchimp efforts, I was approached to write a new version of Mailchimp that allowed the possibility of working with Groups.

In Mailchimp, Groups are used as “sub sets” of the Main List, which allows you (the list owner) to send email to one or more subsets.

Typical Example: Let’s imagine that you own a Pet Shop, where you sell products for a number of animals; Dogs, Cats, Rats, Hamsters, Gerbils

You must agree that only a very very few of your clients are interested in all 5 of those Animals. It is far more likely that a customer has 1 or 2 of those animals…

In Normal Mailchimp: You have 1 list. You have no idea what animal(s) the subscriber is interested in. You send an email to tell people about a super new offer for Gerbils. How many uninterested people will read your email ?

In the ALL NEW Grouped Mailchimp: You have 1 list with 5 subsets (each of those Animals). You can now send an email only to those on the list who have signed up to “gerbils”. 100% of your readership is now interested.

I’m certain you can think of more examples that can be applied to your own shop. Please comment if you can think of any examples that could be good for your shop…and I will update this post with your ideas (and a link to your shop if you want it)…

Here is how it looks on the Newsletter Page:


This can also (very easily) be plugged into the Account Creation page, to allow people to sign up to your Mailing List at that point.


By utilising the Groups feature in Mailchimp, you can target your customers with pinpoint accuracy – and avoid the usual scatterbomb approach. Work smart, work better.

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