Zone Shipping By Percent of Order Total

By | August 26, 2008

Theo asks;

Does anyone know if a contrib exists that will calculate shipping cost as a percentage of an order dependant on destination, for example: 5% in UK – 15% in Europe – 25% Overseas

I don’t think there is any contribution that allows this, as it is quite complicated and beyond the scope of most osC users. You are definitely looking at a paid-for solution.

My idea would be to have a default zone in which all the countries exist, that are not in any other zone. This would be your “Overseas” countries. Another Zone would contain the EU countries (this would be your “Europe” Zone, and a final UK Zone…

That’s not problematic for a good coder. Next up you would need to be able to insert the percent to be charged on a per zone basis – that’s easy. In the actual modules quoteing structure, you would need to get the total order value and multiply it by the percent input (based on zonage). Again quite easy.

For a decent coder, this should not be more than 30 to 60 minutes work (including testing time). The benefit of getting it coded properly is that you know you have your own perfect solution for postage, rather than have to rely on a mish-mash of code and structure to get a not perfect result.

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