Zones Module in osCommerce

By | November 16, 2008

Quite often, people don’t realise that it is really easy to increase the number of “zones” in the Zones (or Tables) shipping modules in osCommerce.

I only charge a flat fee for shipping. One fee is charged to US customers and another fee is charged to international customers. I wanted to use the flat fee module included with OSC but it only allows for 1 zone. The Zone Rates module also sets only one zone. How should I handle this?

If you have your Zones module enabled, disable it (aka turn it off!). Now open up the actual file – it’s located at /includes/modules/shipping/zones.php and find the following line of code:

[php]$this->num_zones = 1;[/php]

You can see that this controls the number of zones that the Zones module will utilise. Change this number. Let’s go for three…

[php]$this->num_zones = 3;[/php]

Save the file and now enable the module from within your admin section. You should now have three sets of input boxes, for three zones and three lots of shipping/price ratios.

Easy as 123.

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