28 Days Of Code, 2017 Version…

By | February 4, 2017

TL;DR – no 28DoC project in 2017

For the last couple of February’s I’ve completed a “28 Days Of Code” project where I bring out an all-new module each day and sell it at very low cost.

Those modules have ranged from small things such as “password strength meter” to much larger things such as a blog or products compare and loads of other useful modules.

For 2017 I decided not to run the project, as I found it too stressful to constantly come up with new ideas where they simply do not sell. Last time, there was a grand total of 16 buyers over the course of the 29 days of the project. That’s no doubt my fault as I bring my ideas to fruition without asking for input from shopowners as to what they exactly need. I learned a long time ago not to ask for shopowners input as each shopowner needs something different from the next and so getting an answer that all (or most!) agree on is nigh impossible.

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