28d 2018 Day 6 – Product Terms

By | June 4, 2018

28d 2018 Day 6 – Product Terms

The basis of this system is to allow the Shopowner to easily add data to products, which when clicked popup more information.

Displays like this (easily changeable):

And when any of the buttons are clicked:

On the Admin Side, there is a new page for adding the data:

And a new way to assign data to individual products:

So, you assign (say) “made in china” to 1 product or to 10000 products!

Data is not loaded directly into the product_info page, so you can have any number of Data Points without fear of the page slowing down. When a button is clicked the data is requested by Ajax and loaded into the popup.

Type of Module

Content Module for product_info.php – simply upload and turn on.
New Admin page for adding data

Core Changes

1 minor edit in admin/categories.php

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