960 grid system overlay

By | June 14, 2011

Just came across a tweet from Nathan Smith (creator of 960 grid system), which directed me to a new Chrome plugin called 960 Grid System Overlay. With this installed it is very easy to see how a site is coded using the 960 grid.

Installation is super simple, just visit that page in Chrome and press “install”. When you then browse (using Chrome browser obviously) onto a site that is using the 960 system, a 960 icon appears in the right hand side of the URL bar in the browser;

If you then click the 960 icon, a grid appears showing you the layout (columns and gutters) of the site you are looking at;

It’s a useful extension that I can see myself using very often! Hat tip to Nathan Smith for the tweet and to Bruno Rino for the actual extension – nice work.

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