Action Recorder in RC3 osCommerce

By | January 15, 2010

Just looking at what is 99% of RC3 osCommerce, and found an interesting new feature called “Action Recorder”. What this does is record the actions of people using your store.

For starters, the “Tell A Friend” and “Contact Us” forms are integrated…

This shows the admin area for setting the number of minutes by which the form can be used. In the example, it can be used just once in 15 minutes.

If a user sends an email via Contact Us, then tries to send again within 15 minutes, they get this message;

And in the Admin section, this is recorded along with IP address etc;

Sweet little function that should help to deter spammers and the like. I’m wondering what else can be plugged into the Action Recorder – there’s lots of possibilities for this.

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