Adding hundreds of items? By hand???

By | March 27, 2009

Scott asks;

I’ve got an OSCommerce site … I need to add hundreds of items. Is there a way to simply upload all of them in a spreadsheet of data base of some sort rather than doing each item individually?

Easy Populate:,500

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Adding hundreds of items? By hand???

  1. Jaco

    Got the easy populate bit but have a problem.
    I have 4 customer groups and the csv file doesn’t have separate
    columbs to add different prices per product for each of the
    customer groups. am I going to have to add these prices by hand?

  2. Gary Post author

    Jaco – you would be le to change the code in the EP files to accomodate the changes you need to make…

  3. Jaco

    Thanks Gary

    However I’m in way over my head here.
    I know just enough about PHP to be dangerous.
    Unlike myself the guys at the oscommerse support forums
    all speek computer geek fluiently so they’ve been no help to me.
    Maybe a pointer toward somebody willing to help with this?


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