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By | June 23, 2011

Someone at the osCommerce forum posted for a way to manually create a customer account in osCommerce 2.3.1. A similar addon does already exist for older versions of osCommerce, but the code leaves a bit to be desired.

Step 1. Create the “Add A Customer” form to the admin

– copied the create_account.php page from the shop side and made a few changes to suit the differences in code between “shop” and “admin” files. Also ported over any included files (such as form_check.js)
– removed some of the un-needed code from the file
– amended other files to suit (filenames.php, language files and so on)

Step 2. Add the link to the new page into the customers infobox

And here it is in action;

This will be released into the osCommerce App Store when it opens to the public, until then it is available directly from me as a commercial addon, priced to suit your site (including installation).

5 thoughts on “Admin Create Customer Account

  1. Matt

    An osCommerce App Store sounds awesome! Any idea on the time frame?

  2. Gary Post author

    I have it on good authority that it will be opened sometime very soon.

  3. Xpajun

    If you are creating an account, you are normally also adding products as well plus possibly the customer is paying by card over the phone.

    I added edit account plus create account – create account works in a similar way to Gary’s but it also allows you to select a previous customer to create an order for.

    The biggest problem is it doesn’t link to my payment gateway to enter card details or carry over the customer’s details thus meaning a double entry of the customers details…

    So you really need the following Gary:

    * Create account/order (the ability to create an order or an existing customer)
    * Edit order (this has proven to be very useful)
    * The ability to link to the store’s card payment gateway with the customer’s details to enter their card details

    Currently I’ve found it easier to use the front end to enter new details for customers – return customers or special orders ‘have’ to be processed via the back end, separately adding card details

  4. Gary Post author

    Juls – I can see the value in what you suggest. Should someone want it badly enough, I’m sure I could find the time to code it 😀

  5. multimixer

    I made last year something that let you create accounts/orders in admin and then (that’s the important part) let the customer confirm this order and proceed to checkout, so customer can make the payment. Also included cancel order and reorder options

    Reason for this was that I think it doesn’t make a big sense to create any accounts and orders if you don’t get money for them within the whole store system

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