Asking for One on One help

By | October 21, 2008

The reason I use Open Source is because most of it is Free….
Sorry but it sounds like your selling this , since it’s definitely not a 1 minite Install !!

This quote is part of a message I received today. The person had tried to install an Admin Template that I uploaded to the contributions area at osCommerce. It didn’t work due to user error (as there are loads of shops running the template without problems), so naturally, the user came to me to ask why. As I don’t give 1 on 1 help, ever, without payment, I gave my standard “I offer an installation service” reply.

There is quite a misconception about Open Source, and that is to do with money. Open Source does not mean Free of Charge. When I have to spend time hunting for a users mistake I charge for it. I wonder if this user will be giving away the products via his osCommerce shop, or whether he will be selling them 😉

Anyway, I like receiving messages like this, it confirms that osCommerce is very much still alive and kicking!

2 thoughts on “Asking for One on One help

  1. Edene

    You give PLENTY of free advice. If not for people like you being generous with their hard earned know-how, people like me would be developing at a snail’s pace….or not at all.

    Just being pointed in the right direction can be priceless 🙂

  2. Jared Call

    Agreed. Unfortunately, there is a seemingly never-ending supply of folks who need to be told that “If you don’t like what you got for free, you are entitled to your money back.” It’s one thing to ask for free advice, it’s quite another to expect/demand it.

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