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osCommerce News and Updates

I’m going to be emailing once or twice month – and each mail will contain interesting news, maybe a special offer, maybe some free code that no-one else gets. You can sign up by inserting your email address into the form below and click “subscribe”. Nice and easy. It’s a Mailchimp list so if you… Read More »

Guest Checkout? Customer Actions…

If you are running any flavour of guest checkout, it is likely that your buyers have no way to easily perform after-sale actions. Typical examples would be; 1. Contact you about the order Of course they could do this via your contact_us form, but they would have to somehow find their order number. Or you,… Read More »

osCommerce and Mandrill

Lots of hosts have now placed rules and limits on emails, so if you are one of those shopowners having problems with emails being sent and received, maybe it’s time to use Mandrill to send and receive email… What is Mandrill A system that allows you to send Transactional Emails (eg; contact us, order updates… Read More »

Working With Mailchimp – Advanced …

Some time ago, I created a Mailchimp Module that allows osCommerce and Mailchimp to work hand in hand, with some very nice features (eg, ajaxy sign up for both registered customers and non-customers). As this module is a superior approach to all the other available oscmailchimp efforts, I was approached to write a new version… Read More »

Summer Blowout is nearly here

Last year I ran a Summer Blowout where I sold a few pieces of code. It’s time to run another. Here’s what is in the pot so far; Content Modules Account Logoff Link Blog Feed Customer Trust Modules Maps GeoCode Hooks MATC (popup) Header Tags AdRoll SmartPixel Facebook Custom Audience Pixel Google Analytics Google Remarketing… Read More »

Why osCommerce was the king and is now the pauper

For the past decade and more, the users of osCommerce have wanted more say in what happens next, where it goes, how it is. That say was never granted, not once, ever. I fought to get the community a say, and I succeeded. I started a new vision of what osCommerce could be and asked… Read More »

Product Groups – for Bootstrap osCommerce

This system allows you to easily and quickly attach products into groups or sets. Each of these sets has it’s own page. This is fantastic if you have products across multiple categories, that can also be sold or displayed as one set of products. A typical example could be clothing, where you can put together… Read More »