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By | November 6, 2017

Does your shop sometimes have just 1 product in a category? if so, you are giving your customers an extra page to visit if they navigate using your category tree…

A typical example would be the Samsung Galaxy Tab product on a demo osCommerce site. To get to this product, shopper needs to click;

Gadgets -> takes shopper to gadgets category page
Galaxy Tab -> takes shopper to Galaxy Tab page

Ok, not a massive big deal, but what’s the point? With my new module, the shopper is instantly redirected to the product page if there is just 1 product in the category. This saves the shopper time and expense (assume shopper is on a 3g pay as you go connection, for example).

Exactly what is it?

It is a HEADER TAG module, which you simply upload, turn on, and forget! There is no code to change!!

And the result…

Any category that has just one product…will automatically redirect to the relevant product page.

Want It?

Contact me on the osCommerce Forum. Thank You.

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