Category View: Grid or List?

By | February 20, 2012

In the ongoing project that I am working on, the client decided that he would like the ability to choose how each category displays; whether it be a “grid” view, or a “list” view…

There are a few older forum posts about this, and some sites have some good examples of something very close in action. A typical example is Matts site (example category page) where the user can change the view from list to grid and vice-versa.

We needed something slightly different, as we need the Admin to decide the correct view and then not have the ability for the user to change it.

Has the ability to choose how the category is shown. If “list” is selected (which it is by default), then the usual osCommerce product_listing modules is shown. If “grid” is selected, then a new coded module is shown.

Shop “List” view

Shop “Grid” view

It’s a pretty good idea, as sometimes it is better for the end-user to have the available information presented in a different way. Whatever is better for the end-user is usually better in terms of the shops’ bottom-line !!

9 thoughts on “Category View: Grid or List?

  1. Isa

    Hi Gary

    Do you have the choice to display different categories in different ways (Cat A as grid, Cat B as list, etc) or do you have to stick to either grid or list for the whole shop?

    What would also look good for some shops is that “cover flow” system they use in itunes 🙂

  2. Carine

    thinking a little further (as I was already thinkering along these lines) – will you introduce product listing modules ?
    In an ideal world, you would just drop in a product listing module in the directory, enable it, possibly configure a little, and have the option to select a specific layout, or have a default applied if no specific one is selected.

  3. Isa

    I like the links you found, especially the first one.

    I love your idea, selecting a specific layout for each product would be great, or even just for each category. I could use that on my shop.

  4. Steph

    The grid/list view of the category is great, as it serves a very specifik purpose for me..
    Huge categories with spare parts that almost sell themselves, or cheap products that don’t need any special attention, are best listed in grid view.

    More expensive products deserve a more special deisplay, and therefore would be best displayed as a list.

    I like the idea of special product layouts, but at the same time i’d be afraid to confuse the customer. Once the user has seen one product page, they expect certain ellements to be at the same place (add to cart, price, stock etc). . If you move those around for each product, it might do more harm than good..

  5. Gary Post author

    I pretty much have to agree with Steph – I think it’s important to keep a product layout the same.

  6. Ryan

    Is this available?
    I couldn’t find any other contribs other than this one for anything up to version 2.3.1. This is exactly what I need.
    My client is a photographer and refuses to have the list view for products in the category view pages. I have to agree, it’s pretty bland and limits the number of products you can see in one page.
    All I need is the grid view, do you know of any existing contribs if this one is not available!
    Thanks much

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