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Business Schema

Did you ever search Google and find really interesting details about a Business, for example opening times and email addresses and so on. It looks a bit like this: This is achieved by letting Google know more information about your business, which is most easily done by using “Schema“. In Responsive osCommerce I strived quite… Read More »

Getting ready for 2.4

2.4 will be based on the excellent Community Responsive version, with a few extra changes to accomodate todays needs in terms of codebase. It is not going to be a full OOP codebase, that is coming in v3. Put simply; LOOK/THEME You can expect v2.4 to LOOK just like the Community Responsive. UNDERLYING CODE There… Read More »

Free Taster eBook and Mailing List and News

Free Taster: If you’ve been umming and aahing about spending a tenner on my design for 2.3 eBook – then have a download of the free taster ebook. If you like the style of writing, maybe you’ll go ahead and purchase the full ebook… Free Taster eBook Mailing List: I’ve also started up a mailing… Read More »

How to Add a New INFORMATION page in osCommerce 2.4

How to add a new information page (like for example, the conditions page). 2.4 brings a new structure to osCommerce, and the base code is still being worked on – hence, this post might change when 2.4 is officially released. I’ll make sure I update it if I need to. Step 1. Add the link… Read More »

osCommerce 2.4 – intense work ongoing for 30 days

Here’s a sneak peek of 2.4 in action As you can see, it looks very much like the 2.3 series, but under the hood it is a different beast. 960 grid has been removed in favour of Bootstrap and Stylesheets are LESS. Codewise, the system will be “App” controlled and pages will have Controllers &… Read More »