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Standard Reply – not using Responsive osCommerce

Hello {{name}} Firstly, to use a Responsive Theme, you need to be using the Community Built Responsive osCommerce, which (unfortunately) you are not using right now 🙁 The first step for you, therefore, is to download and install on a new TEST installation. Have a play with it and see if you like it.… Read More »

Bootstrap 4 Build, take a look

While I’ve been laid up, I took that time out to work Bootstrap v4 into Frozen. Here is osCommerce rebuilt. Differences are not massive, but to my eye it looks cleaner and tighter. BSv4 is leaner and meaner than BSv3, which has meant an average 10% increase in Speed. Let me know your thoughts!

Rumours and whispering

Rumours about inactivity, and not caring anymore…spread by people who have a motive. Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes. In actual fact I am taking a little break from the osCommerce forum, as simple as that, which is not the same as “inactive”. While I am taking this little bit of time away, and when I… Read More »

Responsive osCommerce. Frozen and Archived

Frozen After some four and a bit years, I have officially Frozen the Responsive Build. There are still broken things and outdated things and things that should not exist, but they are what they are and I’m not putting in any more hours on it, so they stay broken and outdated. Archived, pending Deletion I… Read More »

VAT Relief for osCommerce

In the UK there is a system of VAT Relief which is applicable to disabled shoppers. It’s called “VAT Relief” and you can read more about it here. In a nutshell, shopowners who sell products that can be used by disabled people, can allow the shopper to certify that they are eligible for VAT Relief.… Read More »

Popup – Processing Your Order…

Have you (or rather have your customers) ever noticed a delay when hitting the “do it” button on checkout_confirmation.php ? I have to say that I have never noticed it, but I don’t often buy from osCommerce shops and every test order I make is on my dev server where everything is blazing fast. One… Read More »

Easy Slider for Index Page

I’ve coded up a new Slider system for the Front Page of any Responsive osCommerce. This Slider system takes as many “items” as you add, and sets them out as a multi-carousel, so let us imagine you have 8 items, and you select that each item takes 25% width (3 columns), it will show the… Read More »

osCommerce Bootstrap Template “AMY” now available

Pleased to say that I found time to update my “Amy” template to make it Bootstrap Enabled. Here’s a screenshot; As you can see the template changes “shape” to accomodate different viewing devices. This template changes very minimal core files (about 5 only)! Link to Demo: Let me know if you’re interested in purchasing,… Read More »

Responsive osCommerce now a reality, using Bootstrap

For the last couple of months a small team of coders has been working on updating the shop side of osCommerce to be responsive… What is responsive? Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a Web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning,… Read More »