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Pizza Shop – Collection of Modules

Although osCommerce is usually used for selling products which are then sent to the buyer by post, it is possible to use osCommerce for establishments such as Pizza Shops or restaurants. If we think about a Pizza Shop, which allows online ordering, we see a few features that most other shops don’t want or need;… Read More »

Nice and easy modification for a beer

A person searching for a way to ensure unique data came across this post which I made for a client a couple of years ago. Within 20 minutes, that new client had paypal’d me a couple of beers, I had installed the modification, tested it and tweaked it a little ready for him to use.… Read More »

Challenges on the osCommerce Forum

Quite often, in the osCommerce forum, I state my idea about something and am usually challenged by someone or other to show that what I have said can be done, can be done. I must admit that sometimes what I come up with in theory, cannot be done as easily in practice. Here’s a couple… Read More »

Making a simple “similar products” module

By “similar products” module, I mean s similar products to the product you are already looking at. What do we need to show; 1. products name (linked to it’s own product page). 2. products price These need to be shown in the product info page. The “similar”ness feature will be simple list of the products… Read More »

Add a Special Offer banner to product listings…

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to add a “special” banner into the product listing in the “new products for…” module. At the end of the tutorial it will look like this: As you can see, any products on special offer will have a banner overlay on top of the product… Read More »

How to show more categories of a linked product

In osCommerce, there is a mechanism by which a product can exist in multiple categories. It’s the “copy to” functionality on the product adding/editing page in admin. Obviously, the “copied” product needs to be LINKED (not DUPLICATED) as a linked product has the same ID as the original product whereas a duplicated product gets a… Read More »

Update all your prices in one go to 1 cent under the dollar

A customer of mine wanted to update all his prices to 1 cent under the dollar, eg go from 15.80 to 15.99. With 1000s of products that’s an utter waste of time, so here is one line of SQL to use in phpMyadmin; UPDATE `products` SET `products_price` = (ceil(`products_price`)-0.01); What this does is set the… Read More »

Add Math Protection to contact_us.php

This morning I was contacted to see about adding a question to osCommerce just like I have on this blog – where I ask a math question…I was going to suggest using Google recaptcha service, but the client did not want that. And so… Adding a question such as “what is 3+5” cuts down on… Read More »

JavaScript Off? Check your site…

Some people, myself included, browse websites with .js turned off. If I need to access a sites javascript features I can easily make an exception on a site by site basis. What this means is that 90% of sites I visit do not work, or work but look awful. For example, visiting any blogspot blog… Read More »

Open a different box by default in Admin

Really short post as this is so simple. When you open the osCommerce admin, the “configuration” box is open by default. This is because it is at the top of the boxes list. If you place a different box on the top of the list, that one will be open by default instead. Easy as… Read More »