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Quick Add To Cart using Product Model

Over the next couple of days, I’ve been tasked to recreate the look/theme of a Magento site, to osCommerce. In addition, I also will port as many of the features as I can (given the complexity of code and time frame). One of the features on the Magento site is a “quick add to cart”… Read More »

osCommerce 2.3 is officially available

A flurry of activity from Harald and Mark saw osCommerce 2.3 released yesterday. The download link can be found on the official osCommerce site at A quick overview of new features available in the new osCommerce is as follows; Modular Action Recorders to log and limit certain functions, including: Administration Tool login attempts Tell… Read More »

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osCommerce 2.3 – Information Boxes

2.3 has quite an interesting new feature which should make it much easier for store owners to change the look of their shop. The Information Boxes (that is those in the left and right column of most osCommerce sites) can now be turned on and off and swapped positions from directly in the shop admin.… Read More »

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osCommerce 2.3 to be released THIS week

A nice quote from Harald positively giving a date by which osCommerce 2.3 will be released; 12th November 2010 at 11:59pm. At last, assuming this promise can be relied upon, we have a date that brings the 2.x series of osCommerce to an end and can now concentrate on 3.x series. Hopefully this will also… Read More »

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osCommerce 2.3 to be tableless (well almost)

Latest commit shows osCommerce 2.3 is going tableless (well almost). This is great if the commit remains in the eventual download. That is conditions.php – 12 lines of code. Reduced from 2.2 which is triple that. 66 changed files, with thousands of lines of code updated, removed, added. This commit should absolutely do away with… Read More »

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2.3 and Simple Template System

I just learned that my good friend Bill Kellum is to start work on making the Simple Template System (STS) compatible with 2.3 version of osCommerce. STS is basically a module script that parses information and displays it based on one (or more) template files. It’s a convoluted and not particularly great way to make… Read More »

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osCommerce 2.3 – adding currencies is easy!

Adding a new currency in 2.3 version of osCommerce is now incredibly easy. Go to your admin area > localization > currencies; On this page, you’ll likely see “US Dollars” and “Euro” installed. To install a new currency, click the [+ New Currency] button, and you’ll see a number of input boxes ready for the… Read More »

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osCommerce 2.3 – Total Revenue Dashboard

Here is something new and cool in 2.3 – the Total Revenue Dashboard. This is an Admin Dashboard module showing your total revenues over the past 30 days; As you can see this keeps a running total of the order values made on a day by day basis over the past 30 days. If you… Read More »

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osCommerce 2.3 – Store Logo

Another new feature of 2.3 is the ability to easily change the Store Logo. As most users will be aware, the logo on a new installation of osCommerce looks like this; Now it’s “easy” to change the logo… Enter your admin area and go to configuration > store logo, you’ll see an uploading page that… Read More »

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osCommerce 2.3 – Social Bookmarks

Another new feature of 2.3 is the “Share Product” buttons which appear on each products information page; Each of these buttons links to their respective sites to allow anyone browsing your shop let their friends and followers know about your product. As an example, here is what happens if the “twitter” button is clicked; As… Read More »

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