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HTML in osCommerce Product Descriptions

Rob asks; If you don’t mind me asking, what are the current limitations with HTML in the product descriptions? The reason I ask is that I currently utilize HTML tables within the product descriptions to provide a matrix of dimensions for variations of a common product (length, width, unit weight, etc). Is this detrimental without… Read More »

Show quantity in cart on each product_info.php page

On the official osCommerce forum, Will asks; Does anyone know how I could had on the product page (product_info.php), near the buy it now button, a line of text saying: You have XXXX units of this item currently in your cart. I didn’t really read the question so gave the advice to use the in_cart… Read More »

call api in checkout process of oscommerce

Schilt asks; Dear Sir, how do I go about to solved below problems ?…thank you in advance Fatal error: Call to a member function call_api() on a non-object in /home/ /public_html/shop/checkout_process.php on line 127 call_api() is a function that tells your checkout_process to do something. call_api() is not a standard part of the checkout_process.php file,… Read More »

Display Price in two different sizes?

At the official osCommerce forum, Matt asked; How can I get the prices to display with two different sized fonts ie $129.95 You can plainly see that he is trying to show the cents in a different way than the dollars. This is very easy to accomplish; Open up /includes/classes/currencies.php Find: [php]if ($calculate_currency_value == true)… Read More »

Should I use the BTS for osCommerce

Stephen asks; I have a css (almost tableless) design that I would like to use. I am planning to BTS to convert it for osC. Good idea? I think I can safely say that I am still the only person who has made the same design in BTS (Basic Template System), STS (Simple Template System)… Read More »

Minimum weight to Checkout

In the official osCommerce Forum, Paul asks; … I need to prevent any customer that has not got a minimum total weight in their cart from proceeding through the checkout; does anyone have any ideas on how this might be achieved most efficiently? I don’t want to be hand-held through making a contribution to do… Read More »

Find the value of your stock

Some people (myself included) use osCommerce as a stock-keeping program as well as a e-commerce sales program. There are drawbacks to doing it this way (eg, lack of “nice” reports, accountancy etc), but it’s certainly do-able. A question in the official osCommerce forum went like this; I need a simple bean counting script that will… Read More »

Making a Test Mirror Site for osCommerce

Barbara asks; I was asked to transfer the oscommerce site I’ve been working on to a different server and to create a “test mirror site”, where we could change pages, change PRODUCTS and get ready for a new season, so that they could test it and see the new version of the site live and… Read More »