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Tabbed Information in the Product Info page

Sometimes it is desirable to split blocks of information up, to make it more readable. A good example would be a product that needs “technical specs” – example. In osCommerce there is only 1 input box for the products description – so we need to think a way to separate the inputted information. I was… Read More »

You’ve added XYZ to your cart

For the build I’ve been working on for the last couple of days, a really nice feature is a message that shows when the buyer adds something to their cart. Basically it’s a reinforcement of the action they just took; Let me know what you think. The code is based on the last added product… Read More »

Quick Add To Cart using Product Model

Over the next couple of days, I’ve been tasked to recreate the look/theme of a Magento site, to osCommerce. In addition, I also will port as many of the features as I can (given the complexity of code and time frame). One of the features on the Magento site is a “quick add to cart”… Read More »

Clean and Healthy 2.3.1 Template

Here is another template, ready for purchase… Overall View Logo, Currencies and Languages in the Header Good looking Cart Contents box in the Header Rounded Infoboxes, Category box includes arrow images Nice display of Products in the Product Listing pages Sexy “Payment Images” in the Footer area “More Info” buttons in the Whats New and… Read More »

Column backgrounds in css

So, now that 2.3.1 uses the 960 grid system, we no longer have “trusty” tables to give full depth column styles. Instead we need to create the illusion of columns by using a technique known as “faux columns”. It’s very easy. We know that a typical 2.3.1 osCommerce site is 960 pixels wide, so the… Read More »

Need YOUR help, give me 1 minute of your time!

A plea to all my readers, please take a minute to go to the osCommerce Hot 100…choose 5 stores that you like the look of and give them a good vote. And/or choose 5 stores you hate, vote them down. Trying to get as many votes on this as possible in the next few days… Read More »

Images, breadcrumb, osCommerce

My friend Paul recently asked about how to have images in the usual osCommerce breadcrumb…I answered it as a comment to a very old post in this blog, but thought it deserved it’s own post. So… Step 1. Make yourself a “home” graphic and an “arrow” graphic, save them into the usual osCommerce images directory.… Read More »

Fancybox AND image swapping in osCommerce

One of my very good clients came to me with an example website where the website had 3 or 4 different product images. These product images could be mouseovered to change a slightly larger image, and they could be clicked on to popup a much larger image. Well, I’d done both these things before, but… Read More »

Making an EZ Banner Script…

osCommerce comes with banner functinality already, but it’s not the greatest system out there. Certainly useable though. I was tasked to come up with a system which would allow the site owner to maintain a hands off system of linking a banner to a product or category or page in osCommerce. The customer did not… Read More »

Flower Shop – No sundays, but Mothers Day!

One of my clients runs the “delivery date” script that I integrated into osCommerce a while ago. I recoded it substantially for this particular client to allow Saturdays but not Sundays, and also to allow same day delivery if the order is placed before 11am (UK time). One of the main flower selling times is… Read More »