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Coding is really difficult

After having more than three years out, with the last 18 months being almost totally offline, coming back to coding is really difficult. It’s very surprising how quickly one forgets the simplest tasks – things that over the course of the last 20 odd years I’ve done 1000s of times….which have just gone *pooooffff*…. Typical… Read More »

Phoenix Cart – Price Breaks

With no core code changes it is now possible to set up price breaks per product. A typical example would be; Buy 1 for $9.99Buy 3+ for $8.99Buy 10+ for $5.00 and so on. I suppose it might be a good use for wholesalers or for those shopowners who sell multiples of products. Admin Side… Read More »

Look at what you could have won…

I’m really glad I tried my best to keep osCommerce alive and somewhat relevant. Some people are not glad. It’s demoralising to see these images posted on the osCommerce forum – plain and simple, it’s bullying behaviour. UPDATE:The guy who posted this, now has this to say (after being tackled about his poorly coded addons):… Read More »

Ideas for Modules (28d 2019)

Open invitation for any ideas for small/medium modules that would be suitable for inclusion in the 28d Project for 2019. Now is your chance to get that module you always wanted at a bargain price, so let me know what you have in mind… Thanks.

Bootstrap 4 in osCommerce

Been slowly working on updating osCommerce from BSv3 to Bsv4 – mostly on my own as and when I can give some time… It’s now released, enjoy it.  Apparently there are some users in the osCommerce Forum who know Bootstrap 4, so you should be able to get some help. Code: Demo: If you decide… Read More »

28 Days Of Code, 2017 Version…

TL;DR – no 28DoC project in 2017 For the last couple of February’s I’ve completed a “28 Days Of Code” project where I bring out an all-new module each day and sell it at very low cost. Those modules have ranged from small things such as “password strength meter” to much larger things such as… Read More »

Getting Reviews is easy…when you make it easy

TL;DR – make it easy for customer to give you reviews. Just to give you an idea, these are REAL REVIEWS of this Key System, from REAL SHOPOWNERS; Since started using it I have about 20 new reviews in just over a week which I think you will agree is a great outcome. A year… Read More »

HTML Email in osCommerce … professional

So, there are some older (and new!) addons that support the use of HTML in outgoing emails. All are outdated or just half thought out in terms of function. Introducing the ultimate in HTML Emails capability… With just one tiny change…here’s the type of emails your shop could be sending to your customers…how professional does… Read More »

Silktide Cookie Consent Plugin for osCommerce

If you are using it, you need to make a code change as per this link. Find: <script type=”text/javascript”>window.cookieconsent_options = {“message”:”{$message}”, “dismiss”:”{$dismiss}”, “learnMore”:”{$more}”, “link”:”{$link}”, “theme”:”{$theme}”};</script”> <script type=”text/javascript”> src=”//”></script”> Change to: <script>window.cookieconsent_options = {“message”:”{$message}”, “dismiss”:”{$dismiss}”, “learnMore”:”{$more}”, “link”:”{$link}”, “theme”:”{$theme}”};</script> <script src=”//”></script> That’s all folks.

Another 28 Days Of Code ?

During February 2015, some of you will remember I coded up some cool modules and released then day by day. 28 Days of Code was sort of a last minute idea which stemmed from an idea that dear old John made while in a chat with me…as it was last minute it was very stressful… Read More »