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Getting Reviews is easy…when you make it easy

TL;DR – make it easy for customer to give you reviews. Just to give you an idea, these are REAL REVIEWS of this Key System, from REAL SHOPOWNERS; Since started using it I have about 20 new reviews in just over a week which I think you will agree is a great outcome. A year… Read More »

HTML Email in osCommerce … professional

So, there are some older (and new!) addons that support the use of HTML in outgoing emails. All are outdated or just half thought out in terms of function. Introducing the ultimate in HTML Emails capability… With just one tiny change…here’s the type of emails your shop could be sending to your customers…how professional does… Read More »

Silktide Cookie Consent Plugin for osCommerce

If you are using it, you need to make a code change as per this link. Find: <script type=”text/javascript”>window.cookieconsent_options = {“message”:”{$message}”, “dismiss”:”{$dismiss}”, “learnMore”:”{$more}”, “link”:”{$link}”, “theme”:”{$theme}”};</script”> <script type=”text/javascript”> src=”//”></script”> Change to: <script>window.cookieconsent_options = {“message”:”{$message}”, “dismiss”:”{$dismiss}”, “learnMore”:”{$more}”, “link”:”{$link}”, “theme”:”{$theme}”};</script> <script src=”//”></script> That’s all folks.

Another 28 Days Of Code ?

During February 2015, some of you will remember I coded up some cool modules and released then day by day. 28 Days of Code was sort of a last minute idea which stemmed from an idea that dear old John made while in a chat with me…as it was last minute it was very stressful… Read More »

osCommerce News and Updates

I’m going to be emailing once or twice month – and each mail will contain interesting news, maybe a special offer, maybe some free code that no-one else gets. You can sign up by inserting your email address into the form below and click “subscribe”. Nice and easy. It’s a Mailchimp list so if you… Read More »

Stock Tracking via Options and Attributes

This is a follow up article to Today we are talking about an extension to the attributes and options system which we call “attribute sets”. What we have set out to do is to better utilize the built-in attribute system of osCommerce. Something that many shop owners deal with is that they need to… Read More »

Turn ordering off when on holiday?

Had a few requests for “turn ordering off when I’m on holiday” and yesterday managed to find the time to put it together. Needs 1. Ability in admin to turn off the checkout system, or leave it open 2. Ability in admin to set up a “we will be back on {date} message” and other… Read More »