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osCom 3.0.2 is available

osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0.2 is out! Not announced at the osCommerce forum, only on Twitter – seems that the osCommerce forum is not used anymore for announcements. I took the time to install it – it’s very similar in looks and feel to 3.0.1. It is still unusable in real life use (as important modules… Read More »

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How To Install osCommerce v3

Pre Pre Step 1 Set up an empty database, ready for use. Download osCommerce v3. Pre Step 1 Click the “New Install” button. Step 1 Insert the values for the Database connection. Press “> Continue” button. Step 2 Insert the values for the Store. Press “> Continue” button. Step 3 There is no step 3,… Read More »

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osCommerce 3 (aka oscom3) – not for public consumption

I’ve had more than a handful of requests to update existing shops to the upcoming osCommerce v3. I’ve turned them all away on the basis that 3 needs time to grow before it is used on a real shop. Let me say that again in more clear english; osCommerce v3 is NOT suitable for use… Read More »

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osCommerce v3 and Thrashbox

Thrashbox is a css way to create great looking boxes. You can view the homepage and a load of reading material at Enjoy! It’s really simple to get this effect into osCommerce, image below; Look good, don’t they. All you need to do id be using the “default” layout of osc v3 (not the… Read More »

Should I use the new v3 osCommerce?

Ellie asks; …finally version 3 of osc is available, so should I upgrade my existing store? That’s kind of a tough question, as the new v3 osCommerce is much better than previous versions of osCommerce. It’s leaner, meaner and faster. The codebase is changed a lot from the previous versions… However, this update has caused… Read More »

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osc v3 – something brewing? 1 day to go?

I’ve never seen more than 1 Team Member on… and today there have been 3 already! Something brewing regards the promised release of v3 of osCommerce do you think? Forget “mother” as that’s just a generic team member who does nothing. The other two, “Yuen” and “Odom” don’t do much except to look after the… Read More »

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osCommerce v3 – released

Well almost 😉 Apparently v3.0 of osCommerce is near to release, here’s a paragraph from HPDL; …look forward to making 2009 an even better year with osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0, with a production-ready release of the new core engine being made in February… So, v3 should be out there, accessible by all, by the end… Read More »

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