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By | June 17, 2011

I had a few emails recently to tell me that the product images on my own osCommerce site left a lot to be desired. I agreed, especially as my products are mainly about “how they look”. I was using the standard multiple images in 2.3.1 – so, I set out to find a new way to present the product images.

One I found which I really liked the look of is Soh Tanaka’s Image Rotator of which the “how to” is here.

As 2.3.1 now has it’s own image system, it was straightforward to amend. The thumbnail image is still in the PRODUCTS table of the database and the extra images are in the PRODUCTS_IMAGES table. So, this made it easy to make the whole thing work.

Step 1 – change of use for the admin/categories.php
– to allow me to add HTML descriptions to each image. Actually no code change needed for this, I simply utilised the “HTML Content (for popup)” input box;

Step 2 – recode the product page
– to output the extra images in a list and show the larger image. Fairly straightforward, simply following the instructions in the “how to” whilst realising that the output needs to come from the Database.

Step 3 – add the javascript
– easy enough just copy and paste from the “how to” into the template_top.php file

That’s it. All done, looks good. Presents the images a little better for my needs, and should help with sales.


Hopefully you can see that making any change in osCommerce is quite possible with a little bit of work.

One thought on “Change the Image System

  1. Matt

    Looks really good Gary! You always make everything sound so easy… I guess that’s why you are making the big bucks 🙂

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