Charges for my osCommerce Services

By | May 29, 2008

I’ve recently been getting more and more enquiries as to what I offer in terms of osCommerce products and services – the info is in the blog, but it is hard to find.  So, I will list my charges;


Most of my own contributions cost £25 ($50) to install – this is because I know the codebase and they are all guaranteed to work, even on a highly modded osCommerce.  Actual charge maybe lower as this is a maximum price.

Install other Contributions:  charge depends upon the contribution you need installed, and how modded your store is.

Consultancy Service

I also offer Consultancy services and design services, both of which have tailored costs depending upon your needs.

I also offer on-site consultancy in the UK, charged by the day + expenses.


I sell templates ranging from zero to about £50 at osCommerce Templates.


I sell tutorials ranging from £2.00 to £15.00 at osC Books.