Compare Products (Phoenix)

By | June 16, 2022

I set out to update some much older code which allows the shopper to select two (or more) products to compare them side by side. 

New buttons in each product_info page

Once the “Add To Compare” button is pressed, the user is shown a message, as so, and the Add To Compare becomes “Remove From Compare”

The user can select as many Products as they wish to compare, and in the end, the actual Comparison page looks something like this

New page for the comparisons

Of course, it’s possible to override this page should the shopowner or developer wish to, and it is possible to add in more data via hooking. An example hook could be to show the products_description or options/attributes etc.

In any case, this little mod is in finalised testing.


Simply upload and turn on in admin!
That is now, and always has been, the Phoenix way.

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