Contribution Talk: QPBPP 1242

By | February 23, 2009

Whenever I use a pre-existing contribution, I’ll make a short blog post to let you know how the install went, and how easy the contribution is to install.

Quantity Price Breaks Per Product (aka QPBPP),1242

The task was to install this on a very highly modified shop. This shops admin category page has at least 5 other contributions code changes, some custom coded by me, some added by the client. Hence I could not just “drop in” the files.

I had to merge the files one by one, by hand. Using winmerge makes it rather easy, however I decided to simply follow the install instructions as they are put together quite well…

In use, it works flawlessly. I managed to easily add price breaks to the product.


Ease of Install: 6/10 (good considering the shop is highly modified)
Ease of Use: 8/10
How it looks: 3/10 (it’s ugly in the extreme, I modified a file to change this)

Changes I would like to see

The NEW files added to a folder so that any new files can just be dropped in, without accidentally over-writing existing files.

Extra Info

I have modded the PriceFormatter.php file to output the price breaks in a cleaner fashion. If anyone wants this, please let me know, feel free to “beer” me for quicker service. Burp.

Before (takes the style of the infoBox):


3 thoughts on “Contribution Talk: QPBPP 1242

  1. jeff cocking

    I have been using this mod. It is a very good mod. I expanded it to include an ajax call to update the price on the website if someone updated the quantity. the mod is straight forward to work with.

  2. Chris Rogalski

    That’s changes which u did looks very nice is there any chance to get that modification. Thanks in advance.
    Best whishes,

  3. Gary Post author

    Chris – that’s so long ago. I’d need to find it. Beer fee would be good. Email me on oscshops at gmail dot ccom

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