Contribution Talk: SPPC 716

By | June 12, 2009

The second in my series of getting to know existing contributions.

Separate Pricing Per Customer

This contribution gives the shopowner the ability to set up “groups” of customers, who have a better price than a normal customer. A typical exampe would be “retail customers” and “wholesale customers”. Wholesale customers would probably have a lower price than retail customers. There are also other options whereby the shopowner can activate and deactivate postage, payment methods etc.

This is a quite large and quite complex modification to make, especially on a store that may already have had lots of modifications. I spent over half a day installing this on a highly modified store (which included testing time). I did have a few difficulties, but got it working in the end.


Ease of Install: 5/10
Ease of Use: 5/10
How it looks: 10/10 (it does not make any major changes to how oscommerce looks)

Changes I would like to see

I felt that the customers_group page in the admin could do with a little tweak to actually show the customers that are in each group. A little like this:

You can see a list of clients (blanked out for privacy) who are part of the “trade” group. Although I have not coded this up, I have done almost the same thing on a different contribution, which is where the screenshot comes from.

2 thoughts on “Contribution Talk: SPPC 716

  1. Justin

    Hi Gary,

    Have you installed this in a 2.3.x shop yet? I am almost ready to pull the trigger and do it but like you stated above it took you half a day and I am not half the coder you are. I am still working on my first build….

  2. Gary Post author

    Justin – this was on a highly modified osc site, so the process should take less time if on a “standard” osc site. I have not tried an installation on 2.3.1.

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