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By | August 24, 2008

Azad writes;

I executed the file I have attached with this mail — with phpmyadmin. [note, this was a listing of the zones of India]. The process was successful. I am getting the zones when I click on zone where the store is located in Admin area. My main motto of doing this was I want to enter different shipping rates for different zones. These are the zones of India.

The problem is that – When A customer tries to create a account and selects the country India – He is not getting the zones. He is getting the normal blank text-box in state/province field. On other websites – When country India is selected they get the zones I entered via a drop down menu in state/province area. Can you please help me out in this issue.

I tested the file you sent and it went into the database without any problems. I then went to create an account and chose India as the country and inputted the rest of the details. On submit, the create_account page refreshed back to itself and showed the list of India zones – this is standard behaviour of osCommerce.

If you want to change this, there is a contribution which updates the zones “live” when a person chooses a country. I think it’s this one => Country-State Selector.

Good luck!

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