Coupons v1 to v5 – worth it? Points, Rewards?

By | December 2, 2008

Jason asks;

I use Discount Coupon v1.2 on my site and it works and works well – looking at your site its hard to see whats available in version 2.3.4 and now 5 which isn’t in version 1 to see if its actually worth upgrading. Do you have a list of whats new in the later versions?

The main changes are as follows;

Admin changes:
+ ability to see when each coupon was last used
+ ability to view all orders that used each coupon
+ ability to set a “use once, one time” coupon (instead of per customer)
+ ability to set a minimum spend before a coupon can be applied

Shop changes:
+ moved coupon input box to shopping cart (away from checkout process)
+ ability to remove a coupon after it has been applied
+ now works with Tax calcaulations

Coming Soon:
– ability to set an expiry date per coupon

Also, age old question I know but any update on the GV side of the contribution?

As yet, no-one has offered to sponsor development, hence it’s (very) low down on the to-do list, as it’s something that I personally do not need.

Final point then – does this work with Point and Rewards Module – I only ask the instructions for it specifically mention things which need done if using CCGV and, while I obviously know your contrib Is NOT CCGV, it does similar things so was curious to know if this was tested or if you knew of any incompatibilities?

Should work OK with all contributions, IF those contributions are decently coded. I don’t know of any incompatilities with that particular contribution. My coupon system is coded far more cleanly than CCGV so I think that there should be no problem. An idea would be for someone 😉 to install a new osc, then Points and Rewards, then v1.2 of coupons and see if it all plays together nicely.

7 thoughts on “Coupons v1 to v5 – worth it? Points, Rewards?

  1. Gary Post author

    Quick point, this:

    “+ ability to set a “use once, one time” coupon (instead of per customer)”

    would read better as:

    “+ ability to set a “use once, one time” coupon (as well as per customer)”

  2. Gary Post author

    Nikolaj – it is not available as a download. It is available installed by me, to make sure that it works as intended.

  3. bengal

    Hi. I was trying to install the coupon module on newly installed OS com store that was provided from this site I’ve uploaded all of the folders, but there’s also a SQL text. Is there something that I need to do with that text file? Can you provide any information? Thanks.

  4. Gary Post author

    Use PHPMyAdmin to load teh SQL into your database

  5. Tom


    Okay then, how much does it cost to add to a vanilla RC2a install?

    I don’t have a published site. Just starting a new install in my xampp ebvironment.



  6. Gary Post author

    Tom – it is available only installed and I usually charge $50, which allows me to continue development of the module.

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