Currency as Flags, not Dropdown Menu

By | March 7, 2008

Darryl has sent in a very interesting situation and it’s one that I completely agree with;

Hi, I’d like to get rid of the currencies menu and instead have flags which relate to the currency, so Dollars would get a USA flag, Euros would get the euro flag and so on. Is this easy to do?

Well, it is simple to do! All that needs to be done is a quick change to the currencies page in your admin section, a change to the currencies class and a change to the currencies infobox code. I got all this done in about 5 minutes!

Here’s a video showing the new system in action;

I have written about this before on one of my other blogs – here’s what I had to say;

Some people like to use images. If that’s you, then that’s fine. Why not use images as an indicator of CURRENCY. After all, a USA Flag would be considered US Dollars. A French flag would use Euros’s and so on. I have no doubt that some countries probably have more than 1 legal currency, but this is (to me) not the same problem as with LANGUAGE…

Here’s some more reading;

My Code

Once I have tested my code on MS2 and RC, I will upload it to the official osCommerce Contributions area. I’ll post the link here once I do that.

3 thoughts on “Currency as Flags, not Dropdown Menu

  1. Liuk

    I’ve a problem: the box displays correctly without uploading an image, but I get a blank page starting from the box position if I upload an image.

    I use Rc2a

  2. Gary Post author

    Liuk – could be any number of things. If you need me to have a look, that’s do-able – there’s a cost attached to that obviously.

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