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By | November 26, 2012

Imagine if you will owning an osCommerce shop that is quite large, and giving customers the ability to “save” products to a special page thereby making it very easy for them to return and order something they found at your site. I suppose it is a bit like a “private wishlist”.

Imagine no more as this now exists for the 2.3.x branch of osCommerce. With a few lines of code I was able to make the following changes;

1. Add a button on the product_info.php page that allows a customer to “add” or “remove” a product to their personal page. Also a button that directly links to their personal page.

Note that the “add” button only shows if the product is not already saved to the personal page. And similar for the “remove” button, this only shows if the product is saved already in the personal page.

2. New page (I call this the “personal page”). This lists all the added products, and gives the ability to “remove” the product from the page or to “add to cart”.

The personal page is only available to logged in customers, and each customer can fill this with the products they love, or buy again and again etc. In this way each customer can use it as a personal reminder or wishlist.

Video of it in action

What we have here is the beginnings of a very solid public wishlist as there presently is no good wishlist system in osCommerce. With some extra coding this code foundation could be extended to allow customers to have multiple wishlists (eg, birthday, wedding, xmas and so on), and to allow other users to purchase items from the wishlist to be delivered to the lucky recipient. Perhaps in the future this foundation can be built upon to allow something that’s sorely needed in osCommerce.

5 thoughts on “Customers Personal Page

  1. Isa

    How very interesting! I love this idea a lot!

    Could one also email their personal page/wish list to a friend or even share it on facebook and such?

  2. Gary Post author

    Hi Isa – not without some extra coding. The amount of coding would depend on what the shopowner wanted “friends” to do for the customer (eg, do they just need to see the products or do they need to be able to buy the products for the customer and so on).

    The basic idea of this (so far) is just a page that allows the customer to save products to make them easier to find next time. These products can be products they have bought or products they have not so far bought.

    Hope it makes sense?

  3. Dean Hargreaves

    Hi.. How do i get my hands on this addon please as i am very interested.

    Just in process of gathering componants for new website and this will be an excellent feature for my mug printing business.

    Thanks in advance

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