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By | July 11, 2008

A new contribution which allows your buyer to “round up” his order to the next nearest whole dollar/euro/pound etc. So instead of paying say $96.32, they can “round up” to $97.00 – and you, the shop owner would then do whatever you want (donate to charity I’d assume!) with the extra 0.68.

Only tested on one live shop and on my localhost test shop – but works well. Future updates will include a way to totalise the “round ups” somewhere in the Admin section.

This contribution was sponsored by Furry Family Supplies – thank you very much Lindsay!

At this moment, rounded up figures can be seen on each individual order, as it has been coded as an order_total module.

Installation is easy, download the zip from here to your desktop, unzip it and you will find some txt files and some php files. Upload the php files to the correct places! Any txt files have code which needs to be added to the existing php files of the same name. Once installed, turn it on in your Admin section (order total modules) remembering to give it a unique sorting id.

4 thoughts on “Donate The Change to Charity – osCommerce

  1. Heather

    Thank you to you both for a fab fab contribution.

  2. Tom

    I do hope soon the add-on for the admin will come soon.
    It would be nice to track it, for record keeping.
    (For the honest folks who do give).
    The only thing is, some (like my self), have problems
    understanding PHP/coding etc. And I opened the zip file,
    but it dont seem to have a read/me file? I have no clue
    as to where I place what exactly.
    Might the maker, or the one in charge here
    please E-Mail me a read me on how to
    install this correctly?
    I am not very good with code, and could use an
    step by step lenghty set of instructions.
    I’m quite dumb when it comes to getting it.
    So any help would be of great need to me.
    Also, where one would be able to add extra wording
    on the page, like example one would add Given to help
    (name/place/charity/ needs Etc Ect..

    Thanks TONS 🙂

    BTW, I have osCommerce Description: (v2.2ms2-060817)
    build installed.

  3. Gary Post author

    Tom – if you wish to sponsor further development, please get in touch via email to discuss your needs in more detail and costs.

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