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By | October 7, 2008

As per my mini blog post last night, here is a working version of a different version of my “Donate To Charity” codebase.

This version is completely different to the “Charity Round Up” module which was sponsored by Lindsay – as this version allows the buyer to insert an amount to donate whilst on the shopping cart page.

Have a look at this video and see what I mean;

I made this by using “sessions” to store the donated amount, and then activating an order_total module if the session is “live”. Fairly simple.

I wanted to show that it is possible with just a little bit of coding knowledge to come up with almost anything that is needed. If anyone wants this module, it’ll need cleaning up substantially and also it will need to have a mechanism added to allow the donator to change or remove his/her donated amount before checking out. Get in touch [ ] if you are willing to sponsor further development and a clean up of the code.

6 thoughts on “Donate To Charity – proof of concept – osCommerce

  1. Gary Post author

    By the way, this code is installed on my “test shop” on localhost, so you might see other areas of the pages which are broken. Nothing to do with this code at all, it’s just my testing environment…

  2. Lindsayanng

    Wow.. AWESOME.. I really like what you have done with that! I like the idea that customers can add their OWN amount and that it gives them a little thank you message.

  3. Java Roasters

    There is also the Associations Module. It allows you to set a percentage of the sale to go to a charity (%’s are set in the admin) and then a customer can choose which charity they want to support when checking out from your store. This module is paid for by the company, not the comsumer.

    Nice work Gary as this is a very overlooked feature in osC. 🙂

  4. Gary Post author

    Cheers JR – I didn’t know that contribeven existed!

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