FAQ: Product Downloads in osCommerce

By | November 11, 2010

I quite often receive emails asking how to set up product downloads in osCommerce. The latest was yesterday, so I decided to make a blog post FAQ.

It’s a bit complicated, but here goes – let’s assume we are creating a downloadable eBook;

1. Make a .zip file and call it something memorable. Eg; ebook_123.zip

2. Upload it using FTP (File Transfer) to the /downloads/ directory of your osCommerce shop.

3. Go to Admin > Configuration > Download and make sure that “Enable Download” is true. Check the other settings as well, all three should be self explanatory;

4. Set up your new product as normal. I won’t screenshot this as I am sure that everyone knows how to do this!!!

5. Admin > Catalog > Product Attributes. Make sure that you have a self explanatory title (eg: “Download”);

Now go to the “Option Value” and enter a new value of “eBook”, using the dropdown set to “Download”;

6. Scroll down the page and find the area for linking options to products;

In here, select your product from the dropdown list. Select “Download”. Select “eBook”. If you want to give it a price increase or decrease. In Filename put the name of your zip file – make sure that this is correctly named! Add your options for expiry days and download attempts. Press [+Insert]

7. Go to your product. Now you will see it has the option available to buyers to have it as a download;

Once they have bought, you need to amend their order status to “delivered”. They will then be able to log in and get the link from their account > account history > view order;

That’s it! Not straightforward, but certainly do-able.

Important Note; if you have multiple downloads, make sure to call all your zip files different names! Otherwise your customers might buy one item to find they are downloading something else.

6 thoughts on “FAQ: Product Downloads in osCommerce

  1. Chris

    This is all great! But why does osCommerce still ask for shipping options at checkout?

  2. Gary Post author

    Virtual shipping requires zero weight.

  3. Jerry

    I am attempting to set up an ebook as downloadable in a new website I am developing in osCommerce 2.3.4. The checkout process works well until I set the download details on the products options page. With the product’s attributes set up, the ebook does not show up in the shopping cart. If I delete the product’s attributes, the ebook will again appear in the shopping cart when selected but will not be downloadable. Any guidance you can give me on this issue would be appreciated.

  4. Jerry

    Thanks for your input, Gary. I double-checked the weight and it is 0.00.

    I notice that the code in application_top where the product is sent to the add_cart function in the shopping cart class does not have an attribute for this product. I set up the download attribute during the product setup. It appears the add_cart function is failing the attributes_pass_check test and thus is not updating the shopping cart. Is this relevant to the problem?

  5. Jerry

    One additional point. If I delete the download attribute, the product does show up in the shopping cart.

  6. Gary

    Jerry – no ideas sorry. I don’t personally use the downloads area so don’t have an in-depth knowledge. Maybe post up at the osCommerce Forums?

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