First ever osCommerce 2.3 template is available

By | November 23, 2010

Pleased to say that the very first commercially available 2.3 and 2.3.1 osCommerce template/theme is exclusively available here at Club osCommerce.

‘True Blue’ osCommerce Template

Cool welcome message and shopping cart summary;

Fade In and Out Banner Rotator, drop in images to link to products;

Currency, Language, Bestsellers in the Footer;

Social Bookmarks takes the place of Bestsellers when on a product page;

Cool Twitter feature – easy to link your Twitter account;

Nice looking Search Box in the header;

Great dropdown menu categories;

And here is an overall idea of the template;


For this template/theme I am charging $199. The price includes 1 hour of my time for colour changes and installation on top of your existing 2.3 or 2.3.1 osCommerce shop.


Email me on to ask any questions.

7 thoughts on “First ever osCommerce 2.3 template is available

  1. Xpajun

    Not sure I like it as a whole – too osCy for my liking

    But parts of it interest me – in fact interested me enough to go looking for add-ons 😀

    good luck with the sales 😉

  2. Xpajun

    Fade In and Out Banner Rotator, drop in images to link to products;

    I want to replace the “New for” on the index page, having the products fun in a slide show looks a lot better than 9 static pics with the heading “New products for November” (especially when it may be a year until I come up with a new product).

    Incidentally I found the Products Cycle Slideshow by Olof Larsson which almost works well (just the titling doesn’t as it comes up with some ??-??)

    Funnily enough this is a second contribution of his that I like – the other was his email add-on – shame he doesn’t seem to be around now…

  3. Xpajun

    Looks good but fun should be run 🙂

    and the ?? are the black diamond type (should be spaces I think)

  4. Gary Post author

    I Just coded up my own – 2 lines of code and then any image dropped into the correct folder will fade in and out with other images in the same folder. These images also automagically link to product ID’s. Good, eh?

    Have a look at glob and foreach on the site.

  5. Xpajun

    Managed to sort the spaces – for some reason nbsp wasn’t being recognised so replaced the code with a space.

    Olof’s contribution is good in the fact that you can select the number of new, best sellers and specials wanted for the slideshow and alter the timing, type of crossover and more from the admin panel

    Surprisingly it’s just one line of code added in the index page and a sql install (for the admin) – 4 other files to upload though to work it though 😀

  6. Gary Post author

    Oh, is it that one that selects product images and fades? I vaguely recall looking at it and then deciding not to use due to the horrible SQL queries. I could be thinking the wrong one though.

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