Flexible Shipping Module – Per Cent + Fixed

By | April 3, 2013

How about the ability to create shipping costs, as so:

1. Percent of Product Cost
2. Fixed Amount Per Product
3. Extra Cost if buying multiples

And then go further and say;

A. I want these amounts to be different per product
B. I want these amounts to compound (add up)

So, for example;

Speed DVD: Charge $3.00 shipping + $1.00 for each extra copy
Unreal Tournament: Charge 10.5% for shipping

Shipping cost If buying 2 of Speed and 1 of Unreal would be:

Speed DVD: 3 + 1
Unreal Tournament: 9.45 (89.99 *10.5%)

For a grand total of $13.45


Now let’s add in a 3 Microsoft Mouses for which we nothing for the first one and $5 each for the extras.


As you can see, the cost for shipping has gone up by $10. Now let’s add in the ability to have an overall handling fee on the entire order of $2.75.


Now let’s add in 3 of Blade Runner which ships free of charge irrespective of how many bought.


The price has not changed! Which is perfect.

So, if you think about this, you can mix and match a number of costs;

– overall shipping fee
– per cent per item
– per item
– per item per multiple buy
– free shipping per item

This gives unparalleled flexibility in terms of shipping fee!

5 thoughts on “Flexible Shipping Module – Per Cent + Fixed

  1. Xpajun

    Too complicated I think Gary… 🙂 – just had to split my own to include 6 postcode (including UK) and country, the postcode one was OK until it came to the UK

  2. oscbooks

    Next update is to split the percent box into “percent of first item” and “percent of multiples” – this then brings even more flexibility to the system. That update should be not more than 5 minutes coding.

  3. oscbooks

    Mike – like everything I create, it’s available direct from me. Get in touch by email. oscshops AT gmail DOT com

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