Flower Shop – No sundays, but Mothers Day!

By | March 5, 2010

One of my clients runs the “delivery date” script that I integrated into osCommerce a while ago. I recoded it substantially for this particular client to allow Saturdays but not Sundays, and also to allow same day delivery if the order is placed before 11am (UK time).

One of the main flower selling times is the period before Mothers Day. So, for this one particular sunday, deliveries are needed!

Because the datepicker is already set up and substantially recoded, it was going to prove difficult to amend the codebase to allow this Sunday whilst also keeping the other rules (before 11am, no sundays and so on) that the client needed.

So, as an alternative I came up with the idea of having the usual datepicker, and a separate link to click on for Mothers Day delivery.

So, it looks like this:

The datepicker functions as it normally should do, and the link, when clicked inserts the date of Mothers Day. And then the rest of the system functions as normal. Sweet!

If there are any other osCommerce Flower Shops who want a delivery date/time integrated, please feel free to email me on oscshops@gmail.com

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