Fraud via Shipping / Billing Address

By | September 10, 2010

One of my clients noticed that he was getting a bit of fraudulent activity via the changing of shipping and billing addresses, and came to me for a solution.

My initial solution was simply to set the “max number of addresses” to zero – meaning that only the address used during the creation of the account can be used for both shipping and billing.

However, my client needed something a little more flexible – for some known clients he wanted the ability to have multiple addresses, and for other clients to just have the one address.

With a little bit of thinking I came up with a way to do this. First of all, I flagged each customer (1 or 0 [database], green and red buttons [admin], meaning “can have” or “cannot have” addresses). I did this by amending admin/customers.php like this:

Next up I added and extra configuration option to set the allowed number of addresses like this;

Then I amended a few files within osCommerce to determine if the logged in customer is allowed extra addresses, and if so, he/she is able to add them;

and if disallowed, then he/she is not!

A fairly straightforward modification that did not take too long to get coded and tested. There is probably an existing contribution available that has this functionality, but by the time I found it, tested, recoded it to do what is wanted, tested again, it’s quicker to just write it from scratch!

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