FAQ: Free Shipping in osCommerce

By | February 12, 2009

Another question that I see asked time after time is;

How do set up osCommerce so that any order over £50 has free shipping?

The easiest way is to go into your admin area > modules > order_total

Now click on the shipping module, and press [edit]. This brings up a screen like this:

The bit that we are particularly interested in is this:

Simply insert a number in that box! If you want free shipping over £50, insert 50. Free shipping over £75, insert 75. And so on. Once done, press [update].

Note that this order_total module setting OVER-RIDES any charge that is applied via a shipping module.

Isn’t that easy?

7 thoughts on “FAQ: Free Shipping in osCommerce

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  2. Benoit

    Can you offer free shipping (in OS Commerce) for specific items instead of a price ranges.


  3. Gary Post author

    A way to do this would be to give those products a “zero weight” and then do “shipping by weight”…

    Easy as 123 😉

  4. Pat


    Do you know what to do when you offer different free shipping rates based on countries (50$, 75$ and 150$ to qualify for free shipping) as the shipping module allows only for one minimum price?



  5. Gary Post author

    Hi Pat

    Depending upon what module(s) you are using for postage, these might need to be slightly recoded to allow this. Or better would be to have a module coded that fits your needs exactly.

    It could probably be done within the order_total module also, which would be a more interesting way to do it.

    Either way, it’s not straightforward.

    Cheers, Gary

  6. Mohit verma

    A way to do this would be to give those products a “zero weight” and then do “shipping by weight” well thats a bad idea as if we put zero weight for that in that case the delivery address page will skip at time of checkout and will not shown in admin’s orders

  7. Carine

    I think I would clone the shipping module, if you don’t overlap countries they will still only see one

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