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By | March 17, 2008

Here’s another special deal that I’ve been able to come up with.

If you order any book at osC Books, you’ll get another one to equivalent value for FREE.

osc-designing.gifSo, if you were to order “Designing for osCommerce”, you could choose “SEO for osCommerce” or “Faster osCommerce” for free!

All you have to do to be eligible, is purchase an eBook at osC Books and then send an email stating whichever eBook you want for free to email address;  shop AT oscbooks DOT com

Remember – this offer is only good for readers of this blog, and the offer only applies on equivalently or lower priced eBooks – so you can’t buy a $1.99 tutorial and get a $25 eBook for free – sorry!

I particularly recommend “Designing for osCommerce” as this one takes you on a journey of discovery from the first awful gray/blue osCommerce look to a design that is much nicer.  You’ll certainly learn enough to apply the principles of what you learned to any site design…

5 thoughts on “Get a FREE Book from osC Books

  1. Ronaldinho53

    Hi Gary, I’m putting together a proposal for a client shop (that only sells 1 download product) and am interested in the tutorial “Installing osCommerce.” While I have installed and worked on osC before, your “package” seems to be a lot easier. Which version of osC comes with the download? Is it 2.2 MS2 (which I have been using) or a later version? Are there any patches needed, or is it good to go as is?


  2. Gary Post author

    Hi Ron – that particular ebook is fairly basic and is aimed at real newbs to oscommerce. I suggest you don’t need that one at all!

    For 1 download product, osCommerce might not be your best bet – instead have a look at – which might just suit your/your clients needs…

    Cheers, Gary

  3. Ronaldinho53

    Thanks Gary, that looks interesting, I will have a closer look… but a static site just doesn’t seem as sexy.

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