Grouping together products for easy purchasing

By | January 27, 2013

Imagine for example that you owned a gift shop running osCommerce, and your gifts are in categories…fairly straighforward shop setup, right?

Now imagine that it is a month or so away from Valentines day, and you want to make a new page in your shop on which you will add some products from “this” category and some from “that” category and some from “another” category. How would you do that?

You could simply create a new category in your shop called “Valentines Gifts” and duplicate/copy the chosen products into it. That would work, wouldn’t it?

How about this for an idea…a system where the shop owner can;

1. make new pages via admin (eg; Valentines, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc), including title, description and image
2. assign products to one or more of these new pages
3. have each new pages show ALL of the products assigned to it in one display – each product showing “image”, “price”, “quantity input”, “attributes”
4. have one overall BUY button for the whole page

Any products where the quantity input box is greater than 0, get added to the cart in one shot. So, if the page has 10 products, and the buyer wanted 5 of them, they would update the quantity to “1” for each of the 5, and press the buy button. All 5 get added to the cart, at the correct quantity, and with the chosen attributes.

What have I described? A “multi product add to cart” page that can be configured to showcase products based on events throughout the year. Wouldn’t it be an awesome add to any osCommerce site?

Now go further and say that the shopowner decided he wanted to only show the assigned products as part of the page, and have no “product_info.php” page for the particular assigned product. This way he could create a page that contained a “range” of buyable products, where the only way to purchase is by looking at the whole set of products in the range, rather than each product individually on product_info.php – an example of this might be something like a beginners fish aquarium where the buyer can say “I want 2 moollys, 2 angelfish, 0 black sharks, 5 loaches, 20 tetra, 3 packs of fishfood, 0 rainbowfish” and not have to visit the product_info for each! Wouldn’t that make the system even more awesome?

Video In Action

This video shows how to add a new page, assign products to the page(s). Also shows the “multiple buy” facility on the shop selection page. Let me know what you think ?

5 thoughts on “Grouping together products for easy purchasing

  1. Gary Post author

    Matt it’s actually very similar to your chooser..

    Yours: product + choice of options
    Mine: page + choice of products

    My vague idea is now a very workable solution running on two live shops! I’ll make a video later on showing the system in action.

  2. Gary Post author

    Now with video so it is easier to understand the mechanics. Happy to hear any and all comments!

  3. Isa

    Thanks for the video, it does describe the concept really well.
    I think this idea is really cool, I’m just not clear on something (sorry if this is a daft question), where would the extra pages be accessible from? from categories?
    At approx 1:06 in the video you have “choose a selection”, how does the customer get there?

    In any case you’ve done some great work there! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Gary Post author

    Hi Isa – It’s a good question. In this case I made a new box module, which I included underneath the categories infobox. The box module also has a link to the “choose a selection” page (which lists all of the available pages). It would be as simple to make the links for the selection pages append at the end of the categories structure if that was desired by the shopowner, or to have them anywhere (eg, in a horizontal menu)…

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