Groupon Payment Module for osCommerce

By | June 15, 2012

Was contacted late last night for an urgent task which was to create a payment module which has the ability to accept a Groupon Voucher and PIN code. Once I started thinking about it, I realised that a payment module is probably not what was required, and what is required is a discount module. But I was wrong. This client wants a payment module as the full cost of the product will be covered by the Groupon Voucher.

Pleased to say that I managed to deliver a working module before 9am this morning, as the clients groupon campaign starts today! Not at all ideal, but I live in the real world of ecommerce, and try to do my best for clients.

And so, to the module

At checkout_payment.php buyer is asked to choose between the enabled payment modules;

At checkout_confirmation.php buyer is asked to insert Groupon Voucher and PIN (assuming of course, the buyer selected Groupon as the payment method!);

The inserted data is then written to the Order History table, and shown in the Order page (admin);

Pretty nice. As this was very much a rush-job, this is quite basic. Plans for the future include on-the-fly checking of the inputted Voucher and PIN (based on reading a CSV file supplied by Groupon) and limiting the the Groupon payment method to those products defined as “buyable with Groupon”…

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