HAZMAT Handling Fee in osCommerce

By | July 7, 2010

This morning I came up with the code to enable HAZMAT Handling Fees in osCommerce. My idea was to allow the Shop Owner to set individual products to be “Hazardous” or not. If they are Hazardous then a Handling Charge is introduced at the checkout_confirmation page.

Step 1 was to create the extras needed in the product adding/editing page;

Step 2 was to code up the HAZMAT Order Total module;

Step 3 was to link the two together to show at the confirmation screen;

Not too difficult. Obviously there were extra things to do such as creating functions and changing the cart class slightly, as well as making language definitions. Here is the finished layout, so you can see how complicated even a little job can be;

All in all, a nice and easy code chop up, ready to rock and roll on your osCommerce site. I don’t do “contributions”, I only do “commercial” – so if you are interested in getting this, please email me to discuss rates.

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