Helping your customers to make a buying decision

By | December 10, 2008

Have you ever thought how easy it is for potential customers NOT to buy from you? How do you get around that? Today I received this email from a shop:

It is soon Christmas. We are counting down to the great day, 24th of December.
Today only 16 days left, that give you 16% discount on any order you make today, tomorrow you will get 15%, next day 14% and so on. Therefore, make your order already today, as will give you the best discount. Use this discount code “abc123” and the days discount will be deducted on your order.

which I thought was a great idea – a sliding scale of prices from now until Xmas eve. The earlier a person buys the product(s) from your site, the less they pay!

Some time ago, I had a similar idea for a website. Each month I was going to offer a downloadable product on an (upwards) sliding price scale;

1st of the month: $1.00
2nd of the month: $2.00
and so on until the 31st of the month: $31.00

so the sooner the person buys, the less they pay. I ran it for only 1 month as other things got in the way. It wasn’t really a success as I never got the word out about it, however, the idea of sliding prices is a good one, and certianly viable during this time of uncertainty…as I recall I made about 90 sales over the course of the month – most of which were on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the month.

So, just what have YOU done to help your customers to make the decision to buy from your site?